Unused Black Vintage Cat Eye Glasses With Silver Accents

Classic and bold, these fancy NEW old stock cat eye glasses are ready to make you look simply divine!

Just what do we mean by new old stock? It’s not a typo – it actually means that these eyeglasses were made back in the era they were popular but never sold or worn. So they’re brand new but made in times past!


Unused Black Vintage Cat Eye Glasses With Silver Accents

Designed by Styl Rite Optical (gotta love the name right?!?!), these extra fancy cat eye glasses are in mint condition and ready to wow!

Bold in black, these vintage eyeglasses have a classic look with a unique twist that makes them really stand out!

Filled with retro fun, these frames are perfectly styled with their expertly carved nose piece. From there these frames turn up the glam factor with their textured inserts and gleaming silver additions. Shining on both the front and arms, these glasses for definitely for the glam girl!

An envious finish for the fashionable rockabilly lady, these glasses are truly works of art.

We’ve also fully inspected these frames and can attest that they are fully functional and lovely as ever.

Wear them with fake lenses OR take them to the eye doctor to be fitted with your new prescription lenses!

Cat eye glasses were a popular form of eyewear for women that had their hay day in the 1950′s and 1960′s. Made over 60 years ago now, the small numbers that were made are getting harder and harder to find – especially in good enough shape for daily wear. Rockabilly and retro loving ladies will get a kick out of these fabulous vintage frames and a cat eye is sure to make you a real show stopper! A great vintage look for everyday outfits, the cat eye is packed with true beauty!


Come get them here!

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