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Rimless Eyeglasses

Vintage rimless eyeglasses enjoyed popularity twice in modern history. The first started in the 1880's, Thin, wire rim temples, oval lenses and a saddle bridge, fitting the face tightly as the nose pad had not yet been invented. Later on in the 1920-1950's a new form of vintage rimless eyeglasses was worn, these usually had nose pads and ornate, intricate designs on the temple's and nose bridge. Vintage rimless eyeglasses are a great choice for people who are looking for a lighter retro look, these eyeglasses have no actual frames and that gives a light and innocent look to the wearer's face. Steve Jobs eyeglasses were very similar to the original vintage rimless eyeglasses. Many people have been purchasing the original rimless frames to replicate his minimalist look. The Vintage Optical Shop has gotten hold of a large large collection of vintage rimless eyeglasses, many of which are listed below.

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