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vintage and antique eyewear

Straight Temple

Straight temple antique spectacles were invented sometime in the 1830's. Lenses for antique spectacles were usually oval shaped, though sometimes they were square or octagon. They were meant to be used sitting and reading, and would easily fall off the face while walking. Those who wanted them to stay on would tie them with a string from behind. Straight temple antique Spectacles were usually made from steel, nickel, or solid gold. Throughout the years many of the solid gold frames have been melted down for their scrap value. Straight temple antique spectacles went out of style in the late 1800's when spring steel was invented, allowing the temples to be easily bent and ushering in the era of cable temple's. They are sought after by many today, mainly civil war re-enactor's but also many others who like their small, clean look.

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