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vintage and antique eyewear

Safety Goggles

Vintage Safety glasses were used in many different settings. They were worn by pilots and motorcycle drivers to protect their eyes from wind and dust, By scientists to protect their eyes from dangerous chemicals, by welders to protect their eyes from fire, and by industrial workers to protect their eyes from flying debris. They are usually made with shatter-resistant plastic lenses, Today's standards suggest that they maintain a minimum 1mm thickness. Though form follows function when it comes to protecting our vision, It is interesting to see the many different forms used historically for this function. We have put together a collection of different styles and ages. Though you may be able to actually use these, we cannot guarantee their safety due to their old age and are selling them as historic collectible's. Vintage safety goggles are much sought after these days, not so much for their safety use but as collectible items or by many into who are into Steampunk fashion.

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