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Pince Nez

Pince nez Eyeglasses have no arms, they clip on to the nose. Thus the name Pince nez which in French means – pincer, to pinch, and nez, nose. Pince nez reached their peak popularity around 1885 and were popular until around 1920. During their prime, Pince nez accounted for over two thirds of all eyeglasses worn in the US. They were so popular that the name eyeglasses referred specifically to Pince nez; spectacles meant frames with ear pieces. There are two basic types of Pince Nez, The C bridge and The hard Bridge. There are other less common types like the Oxford pince nez and the Astig style pince nez. Lately some people have been referring to them as matrix glasses due to the Morpheus character in the matrix films who is seen wearing a pair of pince nez sun glasses throughout all 3 film's. Though pince nez haven't been manufactured since the 1920's, The Vintage Optical Shop has managed to get hold of a nice selection of many styles and color's.

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