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vintage and antique eyewear


The Marshwood style was introduced in 1921 taking advantage of the newly invented nose pad. Otherwise known as the "P3" style, deriving their name from the US military code for these frames which they gave out during world war 2 to soldiers who needed them. Usually made of gold or silver, these frames came with either round or ovoid lenses. The temples came out from the middle of the frame, until the "Ful-Vue" style was invented where the temples came out of the top of the frame, this was done to allow the wearer a "Full View" while looking to his sides without the temple's blocking his view. Most Marshwood frames were gold filled (A heavy gold plating process, usually the frame was 10% 12k gold) Throughout the years many of there have been melted down and sold as scrap gold, especially lately with the rise of gold prices.

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