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John Lennon Glasses

John Lennon Glasses, that is what many are calling the Gold wire rim round vintage eyeglasses John Lennon famously wore. The true name for this style of eyeglasses is "Windsor glasses" after the Windsor company in the UK that invented the style. John Lennon glasses are gold, perfectly round, vintage, and have cable temples, the arms go all the way around the ears. His optician says that the reason John Lennon wore these glasses was so that they should not fall of his face as he jumped around on stage. They started becoming popular in the late 1800's and remained popular through the 1920's, when nose pads were invented and pretty much replaced the saddle bridge which is found on most antique eyeglasses. John Lennon glasses are from the more popular styles of vintage eyeglasses and are highly sought after today. Not every person can pull off wearing such a pair, they are fully round and quite extreme. But for many a face these make the perfect look.

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