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The Vintage Optical Shop

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  • Dapper Dudes: Men’s Eyewear


    Rugged yet distinguished, men’s glasses have been lending gentlemen a dapper look for well over a century. Donned by Hollywood’s leading men of the past and present, there’s no doubt that a pair of glasses can really make the man. Today we’re sharing a variety of our favorite celebrity looks with tips on how you can steal their signature spectacled styles – all without leaving the comfort of your home!

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    Starting off we thought an ode to one of the most famous bespectacled men was in order!

    Making fashion history with his bold, black specs, Buddy Holly was one of the first rockers to show off glasses in a new light – cementing their spot in fashion forever. With a timeless shape and minimalistic detailing, these classic spec’s are great for daily wear – plus their thick construction mean’s they’re ready to take on whatever your day throws at you. Channel Buddy’s infamous style and check out our selection of vintage horn rimmed glasses here (

    rim-retro- glasses.html ).

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    On the other side of the fashion coin, for men who want a super minimalistic style, we loverimless glasses ( rimless-eyeglasses.html).

    Great for a no-nonsense kind of guy, rimless specs are the perfect mix of form and function. Without adornments of any kind, they’re an awesome match for everything from a suit to a t-shirt. And if you don’t believe us, just as Patrick Dempsey (featured above!).

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    Not to be left out of our famed list, John Lennon is an icon that’s almost as well known for his distinctive glasses as he is for his ground-breaking music. Preferring his signature style to have wrapped arms to ensure they stayed put while he jumped around on stage, today’s men can rest assured this style of frame won’t slip off no matter what. Artfully sculpted, these glasses have a unique edge that’s just the right fit for Beatles fans and more. Find your perfect match in our great selection of John Lennon style glasses here ( lennon-glasses.html ).

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    A modern day trendsetter is next up on our list! Love him or not, there’s no denying that Kayne West has style. From his personal fashions to his own line of clothing, Kayne makes a statement with everything he does – and his choice of eyewear is making no exceptions! Bold in a classic tortoiseshell,

    West’s glasses make a statement without being overpowering. Great for the fashion-forward man, tortoiseshell glasses give an old-fashioned air to a modern look. Snap up a pair for yourself by browsing our retro styles here ( ).

    Insert Blog4-6

    Last but certainly not least, we wanted to share a style that’s classic and simple – making it perfect for any man. Sported memorably in recent times by Channing Tatum (shown above), there’s no denying the appeal that simple frames have. Called a Marshwood style frame, these spectacles hailed from military times and are now spotted on every kind of man from soldiers to businessmen. Made most often in gold or silver, this style of minimalistic frame lends the right amount of charm without being obtuse. Find your perfect match here (

    eyeglasses/marshwood.html ).

  • 3 Benefits of Buying Vintage Frames!

    benefits of vintage frames  Now the perfect accessory, glasses have moved out of the shadows becoming an iconic part of fashion history. They’re so much so that we can’t think of a better way to show off your personality or style than with an amazing pair of specs. And, while the optometrist offers undeniable expertise in the health and wellness of your eyes, we find that getting an original and unique pair of glasses isn’t easy when buying new. That’s why we want to share our top 3 benefits to buying new, old stock glasses so you see why going vintage can be a wonderful and fashionably inspired decision!

    First on our list is the undeniable fact that buying vintage is a huge plus for the environment! As part of a two-fold effect, buying retro specs is great because it keeps useable (and fashionable!) goods out of the landfill and prevents further pollution from the manufacturing process. By rocking a pair of vintage glasses, you help reduce your ecological footprint and keep harsh chemicals and harmful pollutants from entering the atmosphere. Plus you’ll look amazing while continuing your crusade for a healthy, happy environment which we’re sure you’ll agree is a total win-win!

    pince-nez and blue catseye glasses


    Next on our list of benefits, there’s no denying that vintage glasses have a unique factor all their own. While classic designs can be found at some modern optometrists, nothing can beat the real deal.

    With frames made in a variety of colors, designs and with hundreds of different adornments we can guarantee that a pair of vintage spectacles is sure to take your fashion games up a notch….or two! Not only will you never run into another person wearing the same glasses as you (which can be a total

    bummer!) but with a pair of vintage eyeglasses you can share your style and personality effortlessly and in a totally bespoke manner. Plus with everything from cat eyes to Pince-Nez, we carry a huge variety of vintage eyeglass frames so you can find your right fit with ease.

    Rounding out our list, we saved one of the best benefits for last – the fact that vintage eyeglass frames were made to last with a superior construction to what we see today.

    mink vintage curly eyeglass framesOriginally made for a population that needed what they purchased to last, vintage eyewear is just as durable as it is fashionable. With our spectacles  being new, old stock they were never worn or sold so they are in wonderful shape regardless of the years they’ve been around for!

    Made with sturdy metals and pliable plastics, they’re sure to continue to thrive and can even be fitted with prescription frames or UV lenses if you so

    Not quite convinced yet? Head on over to our shop  and see all the amazing cat eye frames we offer – we promise you’ll find at least one pair you can’t resist!

  • Pinup Couture: Vintage Glasses As The Perfect Photo Prop!



    Whether you wear glasses daily or just as an accessory now and then, there's no denying that a great pair of glasses can really make an outfit! For any vintage lovin' girl, this rings doubly true as vintage glasses are perhaps the easiest way to lend a huge dose of vintage allure to any look. Fabulous for pinups and retro dolls alike, glasses are a perfect accessory for any retro styled photo shoot – a point that we'll prove today today with our favorite sassy and spectacled ladies!


    3 pairs cat eye glasses vintageVintage sass is overflowing in both of these prime examples of how sexy a pair of glasses can really be! Featuring both clear glasses and sunglasses, what most people don't realize is that our frames are in such great shape that they can easily be transformed into sunglasses at your local optometrist. This makes them the perfect accompaniment to a retro swimsuit or sundress to really make you stand out! Beautiful and functional, below are our top 3 pics for re-creating a sassy pin-up look in either regular or sunglasses styles!

    A great addition for any outfit, our first pick is in a bright baby blue so it shines bright and bold. With black floral detailing completing the look, these glasses are vintage charm incarnate!

    Second  we picked out a villainous cool pair of retro cat eye glasses that's full of vixen vibes in a chic black and translucent coloration. Featuring jagged rims and arms, the sculpt on these glasses makes them great to photograph from any angle.

    Finally, we chose a pair of perfectly pointed glasses that has a wonderfully retro silhouette perfect for either glasses or sunglasses!

     Hey good looking!! Vintage glasses are not only great for adding sass but they're also a wonderful way to get a close-up on your perfectly coiffed hair and beautiful vintage makeup while still making a flirty statement! Popular for a vintage pinup shot or a cheesecake pinup shoot, retro glasses add that perfect finishing touch for a beautifully styled photo shoot. With so many gorgeous examples to choose from, we picked our 2 favorite frames (with some difficulty!) that we think make a great close-up!

     blog2-5Our first set of frames  leaves nothing out with glam temple designs that make them elegant, chic and wonderful for a focal point!

    Our second choice is a little more demure, but with its' vintage pink casting and golden accents, these classically shaped frames make a powerful fashion statement that's guaranteed to shine!

     Before we wrap this up we just couldn't help but show off what might be one of our all time favorite frames that are sure to set your photo's apart – these gorgeous opera style cat eyes Sigh – so covetable ;)

    opera glasses cat eye  If you're still looking, don't despair! With hundreds of amazing frames to choose from, this is just a small snapshot of all we have to offer! Discover your perfect vintage eye glasses in our shop! Click here 

  • Get the Look: Vintage Celebrity Specs


    There's no doubt - celebrities in the past sure had style! With Hollywood stars emerging as the major power of style and appeal in the 1950's and 60's, they set the stage for almost all the trends and styles of the era. Luckily for us, this period in time had wonderful taste that we still can't get enough of! In today's post, we want to share some of our favorite bespectacled celebrities from the past and show you how to get their timeless looks.

    meralyn monroe glassesFirst on our list is one of our favorite vintage vixens - Miss Marilyn herself! Donning glasses in the 1953 classic How To Marry A Millionaire, we remember being in awe of the chic yet charming nature of Marilyn's characters vintage eyeglasses. So divine with a shape and style that was both great for all her costumes yet dressy enough for stunning evening gowns, her glasses really did have it all! To get the look for yourself, we've picked out 3 of our favorite vintage cat eye's that capture the essence of Marilyn's famous specs perfectly!


    Featured above we have our first set that features a great classic silhouette with wonderful gilded details.

    In our second pick we chose a set of frames whose shape give them all the grace and retro charm a girl could need.

    And finally, we finished off our picks with these beauties that have an appeal all their own with a flirty swooped cat eye!


    grace kelly vintage eyeglassesSecond on our list of favorite spec wearing celebrities is the one and only Grace Kelly. In the photo above, Grace was captured while doing some capturing of her own - all while wearing a spectacular pair of vintage cat eyes of course! Demure yet filled with class, Grace's glasses effortlessly lend her charm while not overpowering her gorgeous features!


    To grab some of Grace Kelly's style, we picked two of our favorite vintage frames that have charm yet are neutral enough for daily wear. Starting off, our first pick has a great shape that's true to fifties form while staying neutral in chic black.

    Our second pick has some more pizzazz with a tortoise shell coloration and some detailing over the temples but stays true to Grace Kelly's effortlessly understated style – making them a perfect fit for even today's vixen!

    lucille ball eyeglasses

    Iconic and hilarious, of course Lucille Ball had to make it somewhere in our Top 5 list! Stealing the number 3 spot, Lucille delighted everyone with her character on I Love Lucy -very memorably in the above pair of chic, bold vintage glasses. Carrying a thicker frame, these specs were a great way to accent Lucy's larger-than-life personality and give her some real sass!! We love how much of a key piece they are to her outfit and picked two great, authentic options for any gal who wants to nab this look!

    First off, we love the bold frame on our first choice for obvious reasons! Carrying a green hue, these frames are bold without being too much and have a great shape that helps them accent the wearers eyes perfectly.

    Then, we went for a classic look with our second frame that's effortless to match to any outfit in a sleek black cat eye. Rocking slightly thicker frames again, these glasses are a great focal point for any outfit and they're filled with a dose of sass that makes them utterly irresistible!


    Audrey Hepburn cat eye glassesEasily recognizable, we couldn't forget about the iconic lenses of Audrey Hepburn in her 1961 hit Breakfast at Tiffany's. A memorable accessory, Audrey's classic sunglasses are still a fashion icon today and we couldn't resist sharing our favorite, classic frames that embody this glam style. What many people don't know is that because our frames are all in great shape, they're easy to turn into sunglasses at any optometrists office. All you have to do is take them in! To help narrow your search, we've picked 3 choices that we think you'll love!

    First on the list is a stylish pair of vintage cat eyes that perfectly mimics Audrey's with a bold frame and minute detailing.

    Second we chose a pair that has the same style and coloration but has a little extra something with a rhinestone studded lower temple. MEOW!


    Finally we chose another great pair of tortoise shell eyeglasses, but this time that has a slightly different shape for a more laid-back accessory!

    James Dean vintage eyeglasses


    Still a symbol today, we couldn't leave out one of our favorite male celebrities who wore glasses with all the charm of a true Adonis - James Dean! Both a classic bad boy and sophisticated actor his glasses made him even more handsome (something that we didn't think was possible!). For both men and women, James Dean made the horn-rimmed shape super popular, and we're happy to have some authentic frames to share with you to finish off our list!


    First off we love the shape and fade of this pair of glasses. With a little decoration from the screws on the temples, these vintage eyeglasses are a wonderful unisex option.

    Then, we chose our second match based on the fact that we just couldn't get enough of their redwood upper rim that fades perfectly into a translucent body. With a rugged grace, we think even James Dean would approve of these specs!

    Still looking for more ideas?? Don't just stop here, head on over to our store and explore the hundreds of vintage frames we have in stock! Click here


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